“I’d love to do something like that” – Bobby Lashley on defending his WWE United States Championship in the Fight Pit

Bobby Lashley wants to bring more credibility to the WWE United States Championship. So much so that he wants to accept Riddle’s challenge to compete for the title inside of NXT’s Fight Pit.

Lashley recently sat down with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated to talk about all things WWE. On the subject of his current United States title run, Lashley said he thinks his run is helping legitimize the championship once again.

“I thought the United States title was perceived for a long time as just another title, but it has so many great names behind it. I’m legit as it gets, and I take a lot of pride in defending this title, especially against guys like Riddle and Lee. I saw Riddle’s idea for a Fight Pit, and I’d love to do something like that for the U.S. title. It won’t change the outcome, but it would be a lot of fun.”

“There is no one else like us” – Bobby Lashley on The Hurt Business faction in WWE

Much talk has been made over comments from The Undertaker calling the current WWE product “a little soft.” It seems at this point, almost every WWE Superstar has an opinion on the statement, including Lashley.

The United States Champion believes that in this new WWE era, things like The Hurt Business stand out more.

“10, 15 years ago when I was on the roster and we were on the road, if you ran into trouble, you knew that the people with you would scrap and fight for you. This roster, you don’t know. We hardly even travel anymore. Back in the day, we used to always get tested on the road. It was so different back then. If you didn’t toughen up, you were out. I don’t think this roster would allow that to happen. It’s a different time now. That’s why what we’re doing with the Hurt Business is so unique. We wanted to be different, and we were determined to capture that ground-and-pound, old-school fight style. There is no one else like us.”

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