5 WWE Superstars who can replace Drew McIntyre as the face of RAW

Drew McIntyre has been nothing short of impressive during his rise to the top in WWE. McIntyre was carefully pushed and protected in the second-half of 2019, and WWE managed to build him up without making it clear how badly they wanted to push him (which is the opposite of what happened with Roman Reigns in 2014-15).

A Royal Rumble victory in 2020 and a WrestleMania 36 headliner against Brock Lesnar saw Drew McIntyre ascend to the top of the throne and become WWE Champion – fulfilling the prophecy that Vince McMahon had made a decade prior.

Drew McIntyre has led Monday Night RAW during the most unique period in the company’s history – the COVID-19 era. Despite the declining RAW ratings, it’s hard to blame McIntyre. Very few have done what he could have, and he proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is worthy of the spot he earned.

Just to make it clear, this list doesn’t automatically assume that the names suggested would be a better fit as the face of RAW than Drew McIntyre. It simply suggests names that could possibly replace him under various circumstances.

Also, the implication isn’t that the Superstar would replace Drew McIntyre right away. It can be a long-term replacement as well.

#5. Keith Lee – A Drew McIntyre rival that could go on to bigger things

Is Keith Lee as World Champion inevitable?
Is Keith Lee as World Champion inevitable?

Keith Lee has had a meteoric rise since his WWE main roster debut in August 2020. He has crossed paths with Drew McIntyre on numerous occasions and even cemented his spot as the #1 contender to the WWE title in late 2020/early 2021.

Ultimately, he fell short to Drew McIntyre in a solid match on RAW Legends Night, and that was only the start of the road for him. It seems clear that WWE is positioning Keith Lee as a future main event Superstar. He was never in a position to beat McIntyre for the WWE Championship so early into his main roster run.

Keith Lee will likely take another couple of years at least before WWE deems him ready to be a main event superstar. When that day comes, Keith Lee could replace Drew McIntyre as the face of Monday Night RAW.

#4. Kevin Owens – An unlikely replacement for Drew McIntyre?

Kevin Owens
Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens made his WWE main roster debut over a week after his 31st birthday – three years before Drew McIntyre re-debuted on RAW. It’s hard to think that six years have gone by, but he has established himself as a valuable Superstar in the company. He has been a World Championship challenger on numerous occasions.

While he has just one Universal Championship to his name, he could be a replacement for Drew McIntyre on RAW if anything goes wrong. Admittedly, Kevin Owens is the weakest entry on this list to replace Drew McIntyre, but he is a legitimate main event-level Superstar.

Kevin Owens can fill any spot when he is called to, and many believe that he should have had more success in WWE – especially in the last few years. Ultimately, he seems to have a role, but a match against Drew McIntyre would be an interesting one – especially if it leads to a changing of the guard. Kevin Owens is turning 37 years old, and he could have a few more years on the top of the card.

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