“I’m begging you”- Tony Khan sends a message to WWE

Tony Khan is more than happy to work with WWE and is begging them to come to Jacksonville.

AEW President Tony Khan made some interesting comments in regards to a possible partnership with WWE down the road, in his latest appearance on a podcast. Khan stated that he is open to a partnership with WWE and NXT, and said that the door is always open for the promotion to come in.

“They are more than welcome. As I’ve said before, the forbidden door is open anytime. Just come and knock. If they were to knock on the door, I would certainly be willing to let them in.”

“Come in, please. I would love that. Come to Jacksonville, I’m begging you.” said Tony Khan.

Tony Khan takes pride in treating other promotions well

While talking about AEW’s partnership with other promotions, Tony Khan said that he is very honest with the people he works and that’s what sets AEW apart from other promotions. Currently, All Elite Wrestling is working with NJPW as well as IMPACT Wrestling.

It all began when Kenny Omega defeated Jon Moxley for the AEW World title on 2nd December 2020, and it was hinted that he would appear on IMPACT Wrestling the following week. Ever since then, AEW stars have appeared on IMPACT Wrestling, and vice versa. A short while ago, NJPW star KENTA appeared on AEW TV and attacked Jon Moxley.

In one of his latest paid ads on IMPACT TV, Tony Khan opened up on working with other promotions, and dubbed himself “The Forbidden Door”.

“I thought you’d never asked. I’m so glad you asked. Everywhere I go everyone’s been asking me for months, ‘Tony, when are you gonna open the forbidden door? When is New Japan gonna come to AEW?’ And I kept telling them I don’t know where the forbidden door is. I don’t know what it is, and then I figured it out all along. The forbidden door is me. I’m the forbidden door!” said Tony Khan

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