Elimination Chamber 2021: 5 Reasons why Cesaro should win and challenge Roman Reigns

At WWE Elimination Chamber 2021, six Superstars from SmackDown will compete for an opportunity to challenge Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship. The Elimination Chamber match is set to feature Cesaro, Daniel Bryan, Kevin Owens, King Corbin, Sami Zayn, and Jey Uso. The winner of the match will face Reigns for his title on the same night.

In this article, we will take a look at five reasons why Cesaro should win the Elimination Chamber match and win a shot at Roman Reigns’ title at the pay-per-view.

#1 Cesaro has the right momentum for a big babyface push after Elimination Chamber
Cesaro has been unstoppable on SmackDown

WWE has worked hard to establish Roman Reigns as the biggest heel in the promotion. However, for him to remain in that spot, the writers need to have him cross paths with top babyfaces. The last few weeks have worked out well for Cesaro, and he is currently enjoying a good run on SmackDown. WWE should make the most of this momentum at Elimination Chamber.

Cesaro will share the ring with the likes of Kevin Owens and Daniel Bryan. This would be the perfect opportunity to book him as the most relentless force inside the monstrous structure. At the same time, his in-ring altercations with Sami Zayn, King Corbin, and Jey Uso will play its part in making Cesaro come across as a strong competitor inside the Elimination Chamber.

His matches against Daniel Bryan and his subsequent face turn on SmackDown instantly delivered talking points in the last month. He has been away from the main event picture for quite some time now, and there would be no better opportunity to get him back into the mix. Cesaro has had a promising run ahead of Elimination Chamber, and the pay-per-view should act as a catalyst in his recent push.

A victory for Cesaro will ensure a much-awaited match with Roman reigns. However, we know that Jey Uso will try his best to inflict a lot of damage upon Cesaro. If he still goes on to win the Elimination Chamber match, the result will account for a great underdog story. While Cesaro has already proved himself as a heel, it will be exciting to see him as a good guy for a change.

He can do more than enough to carry himself on the mic. A potential war of words between him and Paul Heyman, as well as Roman Reigns, looks very promising on paper. Despite Roman Reigns’ dominating status in WWE, Cesaro looks more than capable of challenging The Tribal Chief, and it could all start inside the Elimination Chamber.

#2 Extended title rivalry between Cesaro and Roman Reigns after Elimination Chamber
There is a lot more than can happen in this title feud

It is highly unlikely for Roman Reigns to lose his title at Elimination Chamber. However, the creative team will still have an option to set up an interesting feud for the Universal Championship on the road to WrestleMania. The upcoming pay-per-view could mark the beginning of an extended feud between Roman Reigns and Cesaro.

WWE should have Cesaro win the Elimination Chamber match and challenge Reigns immediately after that. Reigns will already have an advantage, and he can even retain his championship without picking a clean victory over his challenger. This result will set up the premises for a storyline involving the two on WWE SmackDown.

In the weeks leading up to the next pay-per-view, the direction mentioned above will help the creative in getting the WWE Universe to sympathize with Cesaro. Given Reigns’ impressive run as the heel, WWE need Superstars other than Kevin Owens, who can pose a serious threat to his title reign while enjoying genuine support from the fans. Thus, an empathetic victory in the Elimination Chamber match will work wonders for Cesaro in the coming weeks.

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