Update on Sami Zayn’s “Sami for Syria” charity following WWE social media restrictions

WWE SmackDown Superstar Sami Zayn may play a heel on Friday nights, but in real life, the former Intercontinental Champion is a humanitarian. Over the years, Zayn has worked hard to launch “Sami for Syria”, a fundraising campaign that supports the need for mobile clinics in Syria. His parents’ home country is currently devastated by civil war.

Recently, the status of “Sami for Syria” seemed as though it could be up in the air following updates to WWE’s social media policy for its Superstars. However, Dave Meltzer reported on Wrestling Observer Radio that the campaign will still be able to be promoted on Sami Zayn’s social media.

“WWE told me that it has to do with an agreement. It’s basically the same policy that they’ve had for other forums but now they’ve extended it to Twitter and Instagramm. There was even a story on how charitable stuff is not allowed, and essentially everything is on a case-by-case basis. But I asked specifically about Sami for Syria because that’s one of the charities I know most about, and they said, that’s fine, he will still be able to promote that.” (H/t WrestleTalk)

On social media, Sami Zayn is someone who often uses his platform to speak out on what is going on in the world, and to also support others. The “Sami for Syria” campaign has been successful so far, and has provided mobile clinics that have helped many people.

It’s encouraging that, even with these restrictions, Sami Zayn will be allowed to spread awareness for his charity. Still, other charitable organizatons might not receive the same privilege.

Dave Meltzer provided clarification on what the rules would mean for Sami Zayn and other WWE Superstars
Zelina Vega in WWE

Meltzer further elaborated on what the changes the new rules regarding WWE Superstars and their social media accounts would mean for Sami Zayn and other performers. Per Meltzer’s report, the new policies stem from the philosophy that WWE owns its performers’ likenesses.

“Essentially, you’re not allowed to do anything to make money off of social media because they believe they own your likeness and while you’re under contract, so that would include any marketing of yourself through any means, social media or otherwise


These changes will have an effect on multiple WWE Superstars who use their social media pages to promote their various projects and brands. Zelina Vega was released for her failure to comply with these changes late last year.

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