“I knew that we were probably going to see the last of him” – Kurt Angle on WWE’s ‘unsung hero’ leaving to join The Rock’s company

WWE Superstars are often the ones under the spotlight and on the receiving end of acclaim and accolades. However, the performers need good material to get over with the fans, and the WWE writing team is tasked with the unforgiving job.

There have been several influential writers over the years whose invaluable contributions shaped the WWE product. Brian Gewirtz was WWE’s head writer for 13 years, and he spearheaded the RAW side of things for several years until his departure in 2012.

Kurt Angle spoke about Brian Gewirtz’s work in the WWE during the most recent edition of ‘The Kurt Angle Show’ on AdFreeShows.

Brian Gewirtz was the writer for Kurt Angle’s WrestleMania 21 feud with Shawn Michaels, and the Olympic gold medalist was a big fan of all the storyline decisions.

“It was well-written, and Brian Gewirtz wrote it for me. He wrote all my stuff, and it was a great concept. It was a great way to enter into the program.”

Angle explained that Gewirtz had great chemistry with several other legendary WWE Superstars. Gewirtz’s writing helped Edge, Christian, Chris Jericho, The Rock, The Hurricane, and many others on WWE TV. Brian Gewirtz was an important asset main to WWE’s creative team during the Ruthless Aggression era.

“Yes. Edge, Christian, Chris Jericho, Hurricane Helms, The Rock, yes, he had a lot of people that he had great chemistry with.”

Conrad Thompson chimed in and added that Brian Gewirtz was the unsung hero of the WWE. Kurt Angle agreed and revealed that Gewirtz created most of his comedy skits.

“Oh yeah, without a doubt. He is the MVP. Some of the stuff, all my funny skits, you know, besides the stuff with Stone Cold, which was Vince, pretty much, but all my funny skits were all written by Brian. He had a knack for it. He loved comedy. He loved stupid comedy, and you know, he had a great personality, and it showed in his writing.”

Brian Gewirtz during WWE
Brian Gewirtz during WWE’s Ruthless Aggression Era documentary.

He’s got the best writer on the planet right now: Kurt Angle on Brian Gewirtz leaving WWE to join The Rock’s company

Brian Gewirtz was released from WWE in 2012, and given his close ties with The Rock, it wasn’t surprising when he started working with The Great One. Angle wasn’t caught off-guard to see Gewirtz leave WWE s he always knew about the writer’s aspirations of working in Hollywood.

Angle concluded with some high praise for Gewritz by saying that The Rock had the world’s best writer working for him.

“Yes, but I knew that he wanted to be a writer, like for Hollywood, movies, TV shows, you know. When he joined Dwayne’s company, I knew that we were probably going to see the last of Brian in WWE. I think he is with Seven Bucks Productions, so he is writing for them, and you know, great for Brian. Great for The Rock. He’s got the best writer on the planet right now.”

Gewirtz works for The Rock’s Seven Bucks Productions, and he is one of the Executive Producers for the new ‘Young Rock’ series that premiered recently on NBC.

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