5 Mistakes that WWE shouldn’t make at any cost at Elimination Chamber – Wrong Universal Champion crowned, Big mistake with Edge

Elimination Chamber 2021, the upcoming pay-per-view from WWE, could set the stage for WrestleMania in the best manner possible. Alternatively, it could also go horribly wrong and derail the product completely.

In this article, we shall look at five decisions that WWE could make at Elimination Chamber 2021 that would not be in the best interests of the overall product. Chances are that WWE does not want to go down this route anyway at Elimination Chamber, but we’ll provide a checklist regardless.

So, here are five things that WWE should not do at Elimination Chamber. As always, if you have a contrary viewpoint, do not hesitate to let us know in the comments below.

#5 Anyone but Roman Reigns leaves WWE Elimination Chamber as the brand new Universal Champion
I hope it’s @EdgeRatedR vs @WWERomanReigns at WrestleMania! Spear vs Spear!🤘🤙🤩🤩— paras (@EngineerParas) February 1, 2021
Roman Reigns is the best thing not merely in WWE but in all of pro wrestling. He’s had the best run of his life thus far, even eclipsing everything he’s done in The Shield in his brand new avatar. For him to lose the WWE Universal Championship at Elimination Chamber would be a mistake.

Tonight, every year, everyone else “prepares for the Road to #WrestleMania.” They dream of the main event & hope their hard works pays off.

Difference between the dreamers and me is I prepare everyday. I treat every match as the main event.
Typically because it is. #RoyalRumble— Roman Reigns (@WWERomanReigns) January 31, 2021
In fact, Roman Reigns should not even lose his WWE Universal Championship at WrestleMania and should carry it as long as possible. Can you imagine just about anyone in WWE that has the aura and commands the presence that he does right now?

Everyone wants the fairytale ending where Cesaro ends the reign of Roman Reigns at WWE Elimination Chamber, but booking that finish would be a mistake.

While it would be interesting to see Jey Uso win the Elimination Chamber match and go up against Roman Reigns for the third time, the result should be the same as the two other occasions. Roman Reigns needs to carry the title for a very long time.

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