“I know I’m really good” – Sami Zayn comments on never winning a WWE world title [Exclusive

Sami Zayn has opened up on the fact he is yet to capture world championship gold in WWE, saying “that’s not what drives me.”

In an exclusive interview with SK Wrestling’s Rick Ucchino, the “Conspiracy Theorist” Sami Zayn was asked about his thoughts on the importance of championship titles in pro wrestling.

While referencing Finn Balor’s opinion on winning championships, Sami Zayn made it clear that they aren’t a necessary asset in order to have a successful career in pro wrestling, but that also it would be “pretty cool” to add to the resume.

Here’s what Sami Zayn had to say on winning world titles in WWE:

“So, I don’t know. There’s two ways to look at it. Ultimately, I think I skew a little more towards the Finn Balor perspective, which is really, I don’t care. At the end of the day that’s not what it’s really about. I’m saying this as a human being, not as a performer or a WWE Superstar. As a person, that’s not what drives me. It’s not like I feel incomplete, or my career feels incomplete unless I win the Universal Championship, right? That’s not what drives me. That’s not the type of person I am. But, having said that, I’ll also say it’s pretty cool. It’s pretty cool to have it on the resume and it’s pretty cool because it kind of etches you in a certain… What does it even matter, I guess, in the long run? But it’s sort of just a nice feather in your cap. And it’s also an indicator of the status you’re reaching at that time in your career.”Sami Zayn says his title accomplishments might not “measure up” with the quality of his work

While Sami Zayn was clear that he is not in need of a world title, he also noted that, considering his quality of work in the ring, his list of accomplishments might not “measure up” to the work he’s produced, without a world title.

“So even though I know I’m really good – I don’t think I’m being cocky here when I’m saying I know I’m really, really good – But sort of like the accomplishments don’t measure up with how good I think my work has been over the years. So when you get those accomplishments which are the championships and the titles, it sort of just matches up. Like, “Oh yeah, this guy’s work has been great for all these years, and there’s the championships that reflect that.” You know what I mean? That’s the only aspect of it that does kind of appeal to me. But at the same time… If my career ended tomorrow, I’ve had it great. I think I did some wonderful work. I think I entertained a lot of people. I had some good runs, I think I had some wonderful matches which I think people will remember for years. Winning the Universal Championship would be awesome. But I don’t think it would be make or break.”
Sami Zayn will be battling for a shot at Roman Reigns’ Universal Championship this Sunday inside the Elimination Chamber.

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