Major update on Bo Dallas’ future after WWE (Report)

Bo Dallas is a former NXT Champion and RAW Tag Team Champion. However, the young superstar’s career has not quite gone the way he would have envisioned. As per a recent report, Bo Dallas has already started preparing for a career in Real Estate for life after WWE.

After being part of a tag team with Curtis Axel for most of his main roster career, Bo Dallas now finds himself without any creative direction in WWE. The former NXT Superstar is still under WWE contract but is not being used, as creative reportedly has nothing for him to do.

As per Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Bo Dallas is currently involved in the family Real Estate business and has also been studying for a career in it, despite still being under WWE contract.

“Regarding Bo Dallas (Taylor Rotunda), who is under contract but never used, he is not even brought to TV to sit in catering. He’s still getting paid and has a farm living with Morgan and they’ve started a family real estate business and studying that to prepare for life after wrestling.”Will Bo Dallas return to WWE?
Dave Meltzer had previously stated that he is surprised that WWE has not cut Bo Dallas and that he is still under contract. Dallas has not been used on television ever since he took a sabbatical from the company in late 2019.

I’m on a life changing expedition right now and the next time you see me it will be a Bo You’ve never seen😉 #Bosway #WWE— Bo Dallas (@TheBoDallas) December 20, 2019
”I don’t know why he’s never been cut, they never use him. But, they didn’t cut him and they cut all of those guys that they cut in April. He’s still there, still got a job. No idea what or why or anything. Big mystery.”
Bo Dallas was a big attraction during his time in NXT and was considered to be one of the best heel performers in NXT history. Unfortunately for Bray Wyatt’s brother, he has failed to taste the same success on the main roster.


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