5 Most controversial things Brock Lesnar has said in real life

Brock Lesnar is dubbed by many as one of the most controversial Superstars in WWE history, and rightfully so. The Beast’s WWE career has been one controversial ride, be it his initial stint in the early 2000s, or his post-UFC WWE run.

Brock Lesnar wasn’t interested in pro wrestling when he was growing up on a farm, but things took a turn soon after, and he found himself honing his wrestling skills over at Ohio Valley Wrestling. Brock Lesnar is a no-nonsense guy who leads an incredibly private life, doesn’t have a lot of friends in the wrestling business, and is known for not mincing his words while talking about anyone.

Brock Lesnar has made a bunch of controversial comments over the past two decades or so, targeting the biggest names in pro wrestling in the process. In this list, we will take a look a five of the most controversial things Brock Lesnar has said in real life.

#5 Brock Lesnar makes a bold statement about The RockThe Rock
The Rock
During Brock Lesnar’s first WWE stint, he had a blockbuster match against The Rock for the WWE title at SummerSlam 2002, and became the youngest WWE Champion on that night. Months later, Brock Lesnar and The Rock squared off in a house show match on the road to WrestleMania 19, with the latter coming out victorious. Lesnar claims in his book, “Death Clutch”, that he wasn’t told beforehand that he was going to lose, and added that he believes The Rock was “in cahoots with” Vince McMahon.

“No one had the guts to tell me the truth, until it was time to step into the ring. Just from the look on Dwayne’s face and the tone in Jack’s voice, I knew they were in on something I wasn’t. It was obvious to me that Vince, Dwayne and Jack were all in cahoots, and I wasn’t being smartened up to the situation until the very last minute.”

In his book, Brock Lesnar claimed that he was the WWE Champion at the time he faced The Rock at the house show. As per records, the house show took place on the road to WrestleMania 19, in 2003. Fans are aware that Lesnar wasn’t the WWE Champion at the time, and was on his way to challenge Kurt Angle for the coveted belt at The Show of Shows.

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