“That’s the hardest part for me” – Sheamus reveals a regular issue in his WWE routine

Sheamus has opened up on struggling to sleep after his matches on WWE RAW.

In a recent interview with ProSieben MAXX, the former WWE Champion went into detail on his pre and post-match rituals in WWE. Sheamus revealed that he struggles to calm down after wrestling matches because of a rush of adrenaline.

Here is what Sheamus had to say on the issue:

“After a match I just try to cool down, calm down. But my adrenaline is just going so much it’s really hard for me. So, most nights after RAW I don’t sleep. I just can’t sleep. Maybe I get two or three hours, but I just can’t sleep. I’m too wound up and I’m too amped up. So that’s the hardest part for me.”
This is a common theme in the world of professional sports. Many athletes, including professional fighters like boxers and mixed martial artists, report having sleepless nights after big sporting events.

Much like Sheamus said, the rush of adrenaline from participating in sports can cause some athletes to avoid sleeping afterwards.

Sheamus on his favorite memory in WWE

During the same interview, Sheamus was also asked about what he considers to be his favorite memory or moment in WWE. Naturally, the Celtic Warrior listed winning his first WWE Championship from John Cena. This win was also particularly memorable for Sheamus because it came so quickly after his main roster debut.


The Celtic Warrior also offered debuting in WWE’s new version of ECW as an answer, saying both events were “nerve-racking” for him.

“I think winning my first WWE Championship match. That or my debut in ECW. both days were very nerve-racking. But they’re very special to me, I remember them very, very clearly. Obviously making your debut for WWE is something I wanted to do my entire life. Then obviously winning the WWE Championship is another one that I did really, really fast. But it was something I always wanted to do.”
Sheamus will be entering the Elimination Chamber last this Sunday, making him arguably the odds-on favorite to win the WWE Championship.

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