”You were a parasite among parasites” – Eric Bischoff blasts WWE Hall of Famer

Eric Bischoff is not only an iconic figure when it comes to the world of pro wrestling, but he is also a man who doesn’t hold back his thoughts. The former WCW president took a major dig at WWE Hall of Famer J.J. Dillion for his comments about Bischoff in an earlier interview.J.J. Dillion, a wrestling legend and a former member of the Four Horsemen stable, crticized Bischoff in a recent interview wih Hannibal TV. He explained why he believes that Bischoff was not a very knowledgable about wrestling. Dillion said that apart from his early run in WCW, Bischoff had failed in his other ventures , including his run in TNA.

Speaking on his “Eric Fires Back” show on AdFreeShows, Bischoff blasted J.J. Dillion and said that the veteran was a “parasite.” He remarked that Dillion had not made a single contribution to the world of wrestling that could be remembered today.

”If anybody out there that’s listening to this can point them out, what did J.J. single-handedly, what did J.J. Dillon contribute to the wrestling industry in a way that we can see today in any wrestling show that we watch? If anybody has that answer, I’m anxious to hear it, and I will stand corrected. But until then, J.J., you were a parasite among parasites.”

Bischoff has clashed with former WCW officials throughout this career, even after he retired. He often discusses his contentious past with WCW on his podcast, “83 Weeks.”

”You’re a carnival clown” – Eric Bischoff criticizes J.J. Dillion’s knowledge of wrestlingJJ Dillon
JJ DillonEric Bischoff went on to call Dillion a “carnival clown”, and he turned the Hall of Famer’s insult back on him.”J.J, you’re a carnival clown, who, if there is anybody who didn’t know anything about the wrestling business, J.J. Dillon, you are the personification of that vacuum, of that void of knowledge.’

In a discussion about his own accomplishments, Eric Bischoff said that he was the one who changed the wrestling format in 1995. He explained that he was responsible for starting the trend of a two-hour weekly television show. This format has become a fixture of the wrestling industry.

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