Cesaro comments on why WWE has never pushed him in the main event title picture

Cesaro has been in the WWE for almost ten years, and the Swiss Superstar has always been a reliable performer in the company’s mid-card and tag team scenes for years.

Cesaro’s peerless in-ring skills have made him a popular name, and the fans have yearned to see him in the main event picture consistently for years. Cesaro, unfortunately, has never been pushed that far up the card.During a recent interview with NYPost, Cesaro spoke about what might have held him back in the WWE.

The former United States Champion said that he tries to make the best of what has been offered to him. Cesaro admitted that dependable people sometimes get ignored, but he was focused on working hard and moving forward.

“I think there have been a lot of different variables that go into it. Sometimes I feel like the squeaky wheel gets the grease kind of thing. Sometimes something that’s always there and reliable, you kind of start to overlook it because you take it for granted. I always try to create as much momentum as I could and do the best with what I was given and am given, and I think that’s the important part. Just keep working hard and make the best every single time with the opportunities that you’re given.”But look at Edge, look at Bret Hart, look at all those guys: Cesaro still hopeful about getting his big break in WWE

Cesaro draws inspiration from many legendary Superstars who achieved main event status later on in their careers. Cesaro explained that Edge and Bret Hart got their big breaks ten years after their WWE arrival

“If you look at some of the past greats, it all took them a while to come into their own and get to the world champion level. Yes, there are a few people that did it fast. But look at Edge, look at Bret Hart, look at all those guys. They are all with WWE for almost 10 years before they hit their big break.”
Cesaro hopes to emulate the legends mentioned above, and he has a lucrative opportunity this Sunday at the Elimination Chamber PPV. The Swiss Cyborg will step into the Chamber for a #1 contender’s match for the Universal Championship.

The winner will face Roman Reigns immediately after the Chamber match, and Cesaro is the odds-on favorite to be the man who receives the title shot.It’s been speculated for years that Vince McMahon reportedly finds Cesaro boring, and the reported lack of charisma has prevented the Superstar from truly rising up the cardCesaro has been called the best wrestler by many wrestlers and pundits, and several fans would want his ongoing babyface run to have a positive outcome.

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