WWE SmackDown – Best and worst- 2 Heel turns & possible face turn, Snide reference to AEW star, Roman Reigns whispers in Edge’s ear

The final episode of WWE SmackDown before Elimination Chamber was a rather fun show. There were aspects to the show that could have been done better, of course, but then again, there is always room for improvement when it comes to just about any television show.

The two hours flowed by quite quickly and one cannot complain about WWE SmackDown not being eventful at all. A lot of things happened on this week’s edition, leading us into Elimination Chamber.So, if you had to rate WWE SmackDown on a scale of 1-10, how much would you rate it? Please let us know in the comments section below.Also, who do you think it should be that Edge challenges at WrestleMania?

#1 Best: There’s something intriguing about WWE SmackDown star Apollo Crew’s slow-burn heel turn

The first heel turn of the night came from WWE SmackDown star Apollo Crews, who has been showing heelish tendencies thus far but has not embraced the darkness within him yet. In fact, this week, he even made a reference to his ancestors belonging to Nigerian Royalty, which immediately gives him a distinct persona, separating him from the pack.

We have always known that Apollo Crews can do moves that the human mind cannot even conceive. We’ve also known that he’s not been averse to bending the rules before, and was even spotted backstage with Roman Reigns not long ago.That said, the attack that he launched on Big E this week, which meant that the Intercontinental Champion had to be stretchered out, was a long-time coming and a culmination of weeks of interesting developments.This is the best that the young man from Nigeria has looked in his whole WWE career, and a grudge match against Big E will be absolute money.

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