WWE Elimination Chamber 2021: 6 last-minute predictions – Former WWE Champion returns, new alliance teased

WWE presents its second pay-per-view of the year this Sunday night. Elimination Chamber is easily considered to be one of the most brutal events in the company’s calendar.

It has become a tradition in the past few years for WWE to present two Elimination Chamber matches at the event. The 2021 edition of Elimination Chamber will be no different as the Monday Night RAW stars will be fighting for the WWE Championship, whilst SmackDown’s stars will be handed a shot at the Universal Championship.

The card for Elimination Chamber has given WWE’s creative team a number of headaches already, but as of writing, there are just six matches and several options when it comes to surprises.The following list looks at just six last-minute predictions for the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view.

#6 Drew McIntyre retains the WWE Championship

Drew McIntyre defends his WWE Championship against five other men inside Satan’s Structure on Sunday night and despite being seen as an underdog, McIntyre could find a way to come out on top.As of writing, McIntyre doesn’t have a rumored match for WrestleMania, which means that the WWE Championship could change hands if WWE feels that it’s a good storyline just weeks before WrestleMania.

It’s unlikely that McIntyre will drop his title to any of the men who occupy the structure alongside him, since the company has spent so long building McIntyre as the Champion he currently is so that he’s prepared to main event WrestleMania.It’s likely that it will come down to McIntyre and Sheamus and the two men will then have a rematch outside of the structure next month at Fastlane.

#5 The Fiend interferes in the WWE Championship Elimination Chamber match

Bray Wyatt’s alter-ego has been missing from WWE TV since TLC: Tables, Ladders, and Chairs when he was set on fire by Randy Orton.The Fiend has since been able to continue his recent storyline with The Viper through Alexa Bliss, but it could now be time for the former WWE Champion to make his return to TV.

Bray Wyatt has quite the history inside the Elimination Chamber after winning the WWE Championship for the first time inside the structure back in 2017. Wyatt also became the first person to invade the structure back in 2014 when The Wyatt Family targeted John Cena.Wyatt could use the same tactics again this weekend if he was to invade the structure and take out Randy Orton to set up a potential showdown at WrestleMania.

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