WWE Elimination Chamber 2021: 5 reasons why Roman Reigns isn’t competing inside the structure

WWE is in the unique position of having both a face and a heel World champion currently representing the company.Monday Night RAW’s Drew McIntyre will be put through the wringer this weekend to prove his worth as champion. However, that won’t be the case for Roman Reigns, who currently runs SmackDown.

McIntyre’s WWE Championship will be on the line against five challengers in the Elimination Chamber. Meanwhile, the Universal Champion negotiated his way out of defending his title inside Satan’s Structure.

Reigns will instead face the SmackDown six-man Chamber match-winner. The field includes his cousin Jey Uso and longtime rival Kevin Owens.With WrestleMania now less than eight weeks away, there are several different creative options for WWE and their Universal Champion. However, why is one champion being forced to work harder than the other this weekend at Elimination Chamber?There are several reasons why WWE wouldn’t want Reigns inside the structure this weekend; here are just five.

#5 WWE needs to show that Roman Reigns has power on SmackDown

Roman Reigns has been on quite the roll since returning to WWE back at SummerSlam 2020. During his current run, he has shown several times that he has a lot of pull backstage.Reigns has been able to retain his title using illegal tactics several times and has even been able to overrule WWE Official Adam Pearce.Pearce likely had the plan for Reigns to be added to the Elimination Chamber match a few weeks ago. However, with Paul Heyman’s help, the champion was able to negotiate his own terms.

This could be an underlying storyline slowly building in the background. Only a member of the McMahon family could be able to make their return and put Reigns in his place.Reigns’ refusal to defend his title in matches that Officials have planned for him, and his constant pushing against authority figures, could lead to a McMahon showdown. He could even face NXT head Triple H in the future if he continues down this path.

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