King Corbin sends public insult to WWE Official on social media

King Corbin – formerly known as Baron Corbin – has sent yet another hilarious insult to WWE Official Adam Pearce via social media.The man simply known as ‘The King’ is known to never be shy with his words when it comes to social media. Now, King Corbin has struck again, reigniting his back and forth online feud with Adam Pearce.

Adam Pearce had tweeted out an image of himself from SmackDown, asking fans to caption the image. Those who were willing to give the captioning contest a shot would even win a prize, according to Pearce:

As expected, it wouldn’t be long before King Corbin would get in on the captioning-contest action, offering his hilarious and childish take on the image of Adam Pearce.Here is what King Corbin had to say about Adam Pearce on Twitter:”I wish my bald head was as perfect as King Corbin. But it’s not and I’m a big turd sniffer”In a comical turn of events, Pearce would respond to King Corbin with a quip of his own:

It seems the banter between these two WWE employees is in full swing once again. Whether or not it will translate into an eventual match on WWE television remains to be seen, but it would be an interesting contest to watch.King Corbin and Adam Pearce have a historyWhile everything behind the scenes is likely friendly between the two, King Corbin and Adam Pearce have a history of launching verbal assaults on each other over social media.

Back in January, when Adam Pearce was scheduled to face Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship, King Corbin tweeted a response to Pearce, telling him to “take his a** whipping like a man.” The pair would then get into a heated exchange on the platform, which left many fans wanting to see the two men take their rivalry further.The match with Roman Reigns would never happen, as Pearce would cleverly work Kevin Owens into the match on his behalf. He remains a regular authority figure on SmackDown.

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