WWE Elimination Chamber 2021 – 5 potential finishes to determine Roman Reigns’ challenger

At WWE Elimination Chamber 2021, Roman Reigns will square off against one of six stars from SmackDown after they’ve, quite literally, been to hell and back. The winner of the Elimination Chamber match earns a shot at the Universal Champion later on the same night.

Which of these six men- Kevin Owens, Daniel Bryan, Cesaro, Jey Uso, King Corbin, and Sami Zayn will go on to face Roman Reigns at WWE Elimination Chamber 2021? Also, does the said Superstar have a chance at becoming the next Universal Champion?

As WWE Elimination Chamber 2021 draws closer, let’s look at five potential outcomes in this match. Obviously, the nature of the title suggests that there will be an omission. So let’s see if you can guess which SmackDown Superstar will not make it to this list.Feel free to share your thoughts and views in the comments.

#5 Cesaro stands tall at WWE Elimination Chamber 2021 and goes to war with Roman Reigns later on the very same night

Cesaro has been racking up the wins leading up to WWE Elimination Chamber 2021 and it may be his time to shine.Could Cesaro outlast the other five competitors in the Number 1 contendership clash at WWE Elimination Chamber 2021 and go on to face Roman Reigns in the main event?While it is unlikely that WWE will put the Universal Championship around his waist at this point in time, he could have a competitive showing against Roman Reigns. In this manner, a new star may be born.We know that Cesaro has the ability, and that because of his current push, he is on the verge of greatness.Even if he comes up short in the main event match, it’ll be a major step up for Cesaro.

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