RAW Superstar asks Seth Rollins to shoot him a message

WWE SmackDown Superstar Seth Rollins recently received a tweet from RETRIBUTION member T-BAR, who asked him to shoot him a direct message.Seth Rollins made his SmackDown return last week and shared his vision for the blue brand and its roster. When Rollins made it clear that he is the leader the roster needs, the Superstars walked away. The former Universal Champion, unsurprisingly, didn’t take their behavior kindly.

Rollins sent a letter to WWE officials, demanding decisive action against the Superstars who disrespected him. T-BAR’s latest tweet states that WWE management forwarded Rollins’ letter to him. T-BAR then told Rollins to send him a DM. Check out the full tweet below:

Hey Seth @WWE Management forwarded your letter to me. Shoot me a DM when you can. We say Shut It Down, but that’s pretty close to Burn It Down anyway. TTYL. #RETRIBUTION https://t.co/KYxp7UQvty— T-BAR (@TBARRetribution) February 21, 2021
Seth Rollins’ speech led to a beatdown on Cesaro
Seth Rollins’ speech on last week’s SmackDown prompted every Superstar ringside to walk to the back, except Cesaro.

The Swiss Cyborg had other intentions in mind, though, and told Rollins that he hasn’t changed. Rollins ended up beating Cesaro down and had a lot to say about him on this week’s show.Seth Rollins dubbed Cesaro as the biggest loser on the roster and scolded him for patronizing him last week. Rollins further stated that anyone who chooses to follow in Cesaro’s footsteps is bound to suffer the same fate.

Cesaro and Rollins’ feud has just begun, and it looks like it will continue on the road to WrestleMania 37. Rollins and Cesaro are two of the most talented athletes in WWE, and a singles match pitting them together seems to be the only logical option at The Show of Shows.At Sunday’s Elimination Chamber PPV, Cesaro will be entering the SmackDown Chamber match.EmbraceThe
Vision. pic.twitter.com/iJzZNgkevN— Seth Rollins (@WWERollins) February 13, 2021
It wouldn’t be a surprise if Seth Rollins somehow finds a way into the structure and takes Cesaro out. This would only heat things up between the two Superstars, as Cesaro is determined to win it all and go on to face Roman Reigns for the Universal title.Do you want to see Seth Rollins take on Cesaro at WrestleMania? What are your thoughts on T-BAR offering help to Rollins? Sound off!

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