Miro reacts to picture of Bobby Lashley holding the WWE title

Miro recently responded to a fan who posted a photo of Bobby Lashley holding the WWE title, and dubbed him “the real best man”, during a Twitter exchange with the former WWE Superstar.

Miro posted a picture on his official Twitter handle mere hours ago, in what seems to be a promotional tweet. Miro can be seen holding a brand new box containing a mic from a popular brand. The caption to the tweet stated the following: “The best man with the best mic”. A fan took exception to the statement, and responded with a picture of Bobby Lashley holding the WWE Championship and pointing at the WrestleMania 37 sign.

The fan said that Lashley is “the REAL best man”. Miro wasn’t one to let the tweet slide by, and hit back at the fan by making it clear that he isn’t bothered by him bringing up Lashley’s name. Check out the entire exchange below:

Miro’s feud with Bobby Lashley didn’t do him any favors, back in 2019-20

Miro kicked off a feud with Bobby Lashley and Lana in late 2019, after Lana left him to align with The Almighty and revealed that she is in love with him. There were many who believed that Miro would come out of the feud a big star, after taking down Lashley. In reality, the storyline completely killed his character.

Miro lost most of the matches that he had against Lashley, and things only got worse for him with each passing week. In early 2020, Miro and Humberto Carrillo lost a tag team match against Lashley and Angel Garza, in what would be Miro’s final WWE appearance.

Miro was never seen on WWE TV again, and was subsequently released as a part of the company’s budget cuts stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic. He later made his way to AEW, and is currently feuding with Orange Cassidy. Bobby Lashley was heavily pushed a short while after he separated from Lana, and is currently the company’s top Champion following a dominant win over The Miz.

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