“I’m sorry for my language” – Former WWE Champion goes off on Otis and Chad Gable

Rey Mysterio had a stern warning for Chad Gable and Otis on the latest edition of Talking Smack.

Chad Gable and Otis recently turned heel on WWE SmackDown, and are now feuding with Rey and Dominik Mysterio. It all began when Chad Gable and Otis lost a match against the Mysterios via DQ, when Gable didn’t pay heed to the referee’s five-count. Following the match, Otis hit Rey Mysterio with a splash from the turnbuckle.

Last week, the villains defeated Rey and Dominik Mysterio in tag team action, this time via pinfall. Dominik Mysterio evened the odds by defeating Gable on this week’s SmackDown, and Rey Mysterio had a lot to say about this new rivalry on Talking Smack.

“We have Chad Gable puppeteering Otis by making him do all his dirty work. He’s pretty much making Otis his b**ch. I’m sorry for my language, but that’s just the heat that I have within me. It’s okay guys, for the past two weeks, you’ve dropped me. And Otis, you put that 300+ pounds right on top of my midsection, crushing my ribs.”

“Chad, Otis, you have no idea, the magnitude of the hurricane that’s coming your way.”


Rey Mysterio certainly has something up his sleeve in his feud with Otis and Chad Gable

Rey Mysterio isn’t happy about Chad Gable and Otis targeting him and his son. Otis was one of the most over guys on WWE SmackDown last year, but his push came to a standstill when he lost the Money In The Bank briefcase to The Miz.

Otis later aligned with Chad Gable, and the duo’s recent heel turn left the WWE Universe surprised. With how over Otis still was as a babyface, many fans scratched their heads over the decision to turn him heel. It seems like these two Superstars will keep feuding with Rey and Dominik Mysterio on the road to WrestleMania, where Dominik will possibly wrestle his first singles match on The Grandest Stage Of Them All.

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