SmackDown Results: Chaotic end to main event; New alliance teased

Daniel Bryan kicked off SmackDown after a short recap of Edge challenging Roman Reigns at WrestleMania. Bryan said he was focusing on his match with Jey Uso tonight, which could earn him a Universal Championship shot.

Bryan said that WWE wanted him to team up with Edge and face Uso and Reigns in a tag match and that he was working to prevent that match.

Bryan played footage of the Elimination Chamber and the following Universal TItle match, which made him feel like a failure. He said that WWE had assessed his personality and that he had low ambition, but he failed himself at Elimination Chamber.

Bryan said that he loves what he does, and that’s why he was not afraid to face Uso in a Steel Cage match tonight on SmackDown. Roman, Uso, and Heyman walked out on SmackDown, and after a break, Roman said that Bryan was the Underdog, the ‘little guy’ and the ‘lotto winner’.

Roman said WWE needs him, whereas Bryan needs WWE and asked Daniel to acknowledge it. Uso got in Bryan’s face to tell him that he would never have the Universal Championship before Bryan countered his cheap shot and tossed him out of the ring before Reigns retreated.

Montez Ford vs. King Corbin on SmackDown

Sami Zayn came out on SmackDown and started talking before Corbin joined him and said that he did not want to be in a tag team with Zayn. Corbin challenged one of the Profits to a singles match, and they agreed, sidelining Zayn. Sami was not pleased.

Corbin hit a spine buster early on before taking Ford to the corner for some strikes to the gut. Corbin was dominating, but Ford tried to get a sleeper hold in. Corbin countered the hold but took a dropkick and a huge standing moonsault.

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