“The atmosphere is completely different” – Paul Wight on the difference between AEW and WWE locker room

Paul Wight, FKA the Big Show, has opened up about the difference between the stars in AEW compared to WWE. Wight said that there’s a big difference in the two locker rooms and that there’s positive energy that he hasn’t seen in a long time.

While speaking in the media scrum after Revolution, Paul Wight talked about the major difference between the AEW and WWE locker room.

“The atmosphere is completely different. I think anytime you start over new somewhere, it’s automatically going to be refreshing, but even more so here. The support – the one thing that is different here that I really enjoy, is the support and the fight that the talent has over here for respect, recognition and the drive. That’s the heart of professional wrestling and when you’re doing entertainment. You want a locker room that – it’s not guys stepping on each other’s toes, cutting each other’s throat to get a position. You want a team where everybody is trying to get over and everybody’s trying to put the best possible product for the fans. And that kind of environment I thrive on and I love this environment. I haven’t seen a locker room this kind of positive energy in a long, long, long time.”


Wight said that he had heard stories from Chris Jericho, Cody Rhodes, Billy Gunn, and a few others that he knew from the past about the AEW locker room, and how all of them had positive things to say about it.

AEW stars that Paul Wight worked with in WWE

AEW, over the last year, have added several former WWE stars to their ranks. Paul Wight has wrestled with quite a few of the current stars in AEW.

The likes of Billy Gunn, Cody Rhodes, Chris Jericho, Jon Moxley, Miro, Matt Hardy, and AEW’s newest signing, Christian Cage, have all wrestled Paul Wight when he was in WWE.

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