5 Surprises that can happen on RAW: Grand Slam Champion to confront Bobby Lashley after WWE title win, Former Universal Champion to turn heel for WrestleMania match?

Monday Night RAW this week is a highly-anticipated one. Last week’s episode of RAW was highly-anticipated as well, with The Miz vs. Bobby Lashley being the focal point of the show.

The central storyline played on throughout RAW from the start to the finish, and the finish was exactly the one that fans had wanted. Lashley, at 44 years old, has reached the pinnacle of WWE by winning the most prestigious prize in the professional wrestling/sports entertainment industry.

The Almighty One will be the focal point of RAW this week as well, with everybody waiting to see what will happen. But there’s a lot more that could happen on RAW this week too. Here are a few surprises:

#5. Will Bobby Lashley’s Almighty celebration on RAW get gatecrashed?

Business is booming
Business is booming

Business is truly booming for MVP, as The Hurt Business now holds three of the four available titles on RAW. While MVP guided Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander to become RAW Tag Team Champions, he had what seemed like a personal career achievement by elevating Bobby Lashley to WWE Championship status.

Last week on RAW, Bobby Lashley had to see The Miz weasel out of the WWE title match two times before Shane McMahon made a declaration – that if The A-Lister was going to keep running away, he would be stripped of the title and it would be handed to Lashley.

That would have probably been more merciful on The Miz, as Shane McMahon added an extra lumberjack match stipulation for the main event of RAW. Surely enough, it was only a matter of minutes before Lashley submitted The Miz with The Hurt Lock to win his first WWE Championship.

Now, who is going to confront Bobby Lashley if he has a potential match at Fastlane? The obvious answer might seem to be Drew McIntyre, but that may not be the case.

Instead, we wouldn’t be surprised to see the two-time WWE Grand Slam Champion The Miz try to stake his claim to get a rematch. While The A-Lister will likely move on to feud with Bad Bunny and Damian Priest on RAW, it would be a surprise to see him jump right back into the WWE title picture and attempt to get one over ‘The Almighty’ Bobby Lashley.

4. Braun Strowman to explode ahead of Shane McMahon’s “apology” on RAW?

Is something brewing?
Is something brewing?

Shane McMahon’s presence on RAW of late has been a bit invasive. He has seemingly come out of nowhere, but then it struck us that it is WrestleMania season and with WWE unlikely to get big names like John Cena, Goldberg, etc. Shane McMahon might be the next best option for a part-timer.

Braun Strowman already had beef with authority figure Adam Pearce on RAW, but he was infuriated when he was denied a spot in the Elimination Chamber match by Pearce and McMahon – just because he isn’t a former WWE Champion.

He is a former Universal Champion, however, and he nearly won his third RAW tag team title with a different partner. Shane McMahon made him team up with Adam Pearce to challenge The Hurt Business for the RAW Tag Team Championship.

Shane McMahon’s ridiculous decision-making cost them the match, and he could be set to issue an apology this week. Even though McMahon seems like anything but a babyface, we could see Strowman turning heel to face him at WrestleMania 37. And it could happen as soon as tonight on RAW.

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