“How deep does this go?” – Sami Zayn exposes the latest conspiracy against him following WWE SmackDown

After what happened on WWE SmackDown on Friday, maybe Sami Zayn isn’t crazy after all?

Sami Zayn lost his match to Angelo Dawkins after being distracted by a member of his own documentary filming crew. The crew member turned out to be, in Zayn’s words, an “undercover corporate plant.”

Zayn broke it all down for the WWE Universe following the match in a clip from his upcoming documentary that he shared on Twitter earlier today.

“How am I feeling? You saw all of that. I told you something was up that was – how did I let that happen? The rat in our house, our crew, we’re trying to uncover the truth, and this guy sneaks his way in. How did he get in? Who is paying him? I always look like the crazy guy who looks crazy now? He’s laughing with the ref. He cost me my match tonight. How do they keep doing it? It’s actually impressive at this point. They keep finding new ways to screw me every week…every single week! How deep does this go?”

When will fans see the Sami Zayn documentary?

The WWE Universe has been wondering if Sami Zayn’s documentary will ever see the light of day or not. We have some information on that front.

According to Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful Select, it is an actual documentary that the company is currently working on with Zayn for the WWE Network. If it never comes to fruition, there have been talks about using it as a video package on SmackDown instead.

WWE’s track record with documentaries on the Network has been nothing short of phenomenal. If this Sami Zayn documentary is done right, it could be one of the most entertaining pieces the company has ever produced.

Are you enjoying Sami Zayn’s current storyline on WWE SmackDown? If his documentary comes to the WWE Network, will you watch it? Let us know by sounding off in the comments section below.

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