5 things WWE RAW got right this week – Grudge match ends in chaos; WWE Champion dominates again

The new WWE Champion opened up this week’s RAW as Bobby Lashley arrived with his first World Championship on the show. Lashley had a match scheduled against the man he defeated to win the title last week, The Miz.

United States Champion Riddle also had a non-title match this week against Slapjack that did not help anyone involved to a great extent. However, it will lead to a United States Championship match between Riddle and Mustafa Ali soon.

Reginald helped Nia Jax and Shayna Bazler retain their WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships on RAW this week. Apart from that, Shane McMahon and Braun Strowman appeared in a couple of awkward segments on the show.

One of the biggest matches of the night saw Drew McIntyre and Sheamus take each other to the limits. Let’s take a look at the five things WWE got right on RAW this week.

#5 Bobby Lashley kicked off his WWE Championship reign on RAW

WWE RAW opened up with a celebration for the new WWE Champion, Bobby Lashley. The Hurt Business members were shown walking into the arena before Lashley was interviewed backstage about his 16-year long journey to becoming a world champion.

The Miz then came into the ring and cut a promo in which he accepted that he expected to not leave the ThunderDome as the WWE Champion last week. Miz then claimed that he was not well, and that’s what led to his defeat at the hands of The Almighty.

Miz claimed that he deliberately got counted-out to ensure that the match took place and there was an outcome, however, WWE forced him into another match later in the night.

Soon after, Lashley and Miz locked horns once again with the WWE Championship on the line on RAW. Miz proved to be much more effective in this match and even outsmarted the WWE Champion a few times in the contest.

Lashley shook off a collision with the ring post and continued to target The A-Lister as Drew McIntyre watched from the backstage area. After toying around with Miz for a little longer, Lashley locked in the Hurt Lock and made his opponent tap out to retain the title on RAW.

It was good to see Lashley getting a successful defense so soon after his world title win. The Almighty deserved a WWE Championship victory, and WWE creative needs to ensure that he has a memorable reign, just like McIntyre did.

Miz was brilliant once again both on the mic and in the ring. He has helped to make Lashley’s title victory more valuable and has ensured that he’s put the veteran over without losing his value.

#4 Xavier Woods defeated Shelton Benjamin on WWE RAW

The New Day will take on The Hurt Business for the WWE RAW Tag Team Championships next week. This week on RAW, Xavier Woods from New Day took on Shelton Benjamin from Hurt Business in a one-on-one match.

Woods and Kofi Kingston came out in Mortal Kombat’s Scorpion and Sub-Zero-inspired gear for the match. Benjamin grounded Woods early as Kingston watched on from outside and taunted Benjamin’s move set.

Benjamin continued to impress with his in-ring work, while Woods tried to counter his big moves and delivered some of his own. A Sunset Flip nearly helped Woods pick up the victory, but Benjamin kicked out right in time.

Benjamin then got into a scuffle with Kingston who was outside the ring, and the distraction allowed Woods to roll him up to pick up the victory.

Woods has picked up a few roll-up victories on RAW recently. The Superstar is just too good to be restricted to roll-up wins at this point. However, the victory will allow New Day to go in with some momentum next week and have a chance to break The Hurt Business’ dominance on RAW.

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