Drew McIntyre and Sheamus reveal brutal scars on their bodies after No DQ match on RAW [Photo]

Drew McIntyre and Sheamus had an epic rematch on RAW this week. Despite defeating The Celtic Warrior last week, McIntyre was blindsided on RAW by The Irishman, who declared that he was tired of being in the Scotsman’s shadow.

It led to Drew McIntyre demanding a No Disqualification match, and authority figure Adam Pearce granted his wish. It was another hard-hitting affair between the Scotsman and Irishman, with no conclusive winner on this occasion.

While McIntyre looked like he had it won, that wasn’t the case. He and Sheamus collided with steel steps in each hand, and it resulted in them getting knocked out, with the referee forced to call a stop to the contest.

Sheamus posted a picture of his scars on the back, and Drew McIntyre responded with an even more brutal photo on Twitter:

As you can see, both men paid a hefty price for their match that ended in a No contest.

What’s next for Drew McIntyre on RAW?

Drew McIntyre was presented as the clear-cut next contender in line for Bobby Lashley and the WWE Championship. The speculation right now is that McIntyre will face Bobby Lashley at WrestleMania 37, and the idea is for him to get a coronation in front of fans. The All-Mighty is having the best run of his WWE career so far, and a rematch against The Scottish Warriror from 2020 seems inevitable.

Tickets for WrestleMania 37 will soon be on sale, and although it will be at a limited capacity, it will be the first WWE show with fans in over a year. It’s surreal to think of the fact that WWE has gone without a legitimate live audience (excluding the time when they used developmental talent in that place).

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