“I just wanted them to do something different” – WWE legend reveals he didn’t want The Usos to become wrestlers

WWE legend Rikishi has revealed he did not want his sons – The Usos – to join the family business of professional wrestling.

On the latest episode of Insight with Chris Van Vliet, the WWE Hall of Famer discussed his sons’ involvement in WWE and how, initially, he was against the idea of them becoming wrestlers.

“Their upbringing and my upbringing is totally different. You know, the boys, they got the chance to go to college, they lived the good life. Their father, I got out there and did what I had to do, so my kids wouldn’t come up the way I came up. Jimmy and Jey, they’ve been around the business all their life… I just wanted them to do something different… I just wanted to get an RV and travel to all their games. So, one day, I came home, they sat me down and they threw that curveball to me and said they didn’t want to play football anymore. They wanted to join the family business. It was difficult for me because I knew if I went against it, then it wasn’t going to work out. As a father, you always try to support. It might not be my decision, but you always try to support your kids’ decision, to be able to give them that.”

Rikishi says he warned The Usos about the wrestling lifestyle

While they may have wanted to join the family business, Rikishi says he didn’t hold back when describing professional wrestling’s negative side. He tried to emphasize the impact it had on his personal life, as an example for The Usos.

“Knowing that, “OK, you’re gonna do what I do. But I’m gonna tell you, this is not easy, man. You’d better get ready for all the stuff you see me, when I drop my bags at the door and can barely walk to the bedroom. You’re going to understand why there’s some nights when I come home, I don’t feel like talking. I just want to get to my bed or my recliner, and just put my stuff down and just get some rest. You might feel like I’m not paying attention to you, but the life that you live on the road, when you come home, it’s your peace of mind. It’s your getaway from all the chaos, all the bulls***.”… But they’ve been in the industry for twelve years and I’m very proud of both of them.”

Jey Uso is currently serving as the right-hand man for Universal Champion Roman Reigns. His brother Jimmy is yet to return to active competition.

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