Bobby Lashley on who gave The Hurt Business their name


Bobby Lashley has revealed how he came up with the name, The Hurt Business. The current WWE Champion told that a former boxing coach had used the name a long time ago, which he decided to use.

Bobby Lashley began The Hurt Business with MVP last year, and the faction has gone on to become a dominant faction in WWE.

While speaking to The Wrap, Bobby Lashley described how The Hurt Business name came about.

“It was me. I was thinking about this before, I was thinking about the whole thing before. Originally, a boxing coach that I had down in Coconut Creek at American Top Team. He used to always wear this T-shirt and I was like, man, that is incredible man, that needs to be in WWE because that’s my character. I just need a group. So I just loved it forever. And this was several years back, several, several years back, and I held onto it. And when we came, I was still holding onto it. And I was like man, I wanted to do something like that, but I need the right people involved.”

Lashley said that he checked if The Hurt Business name was under copyright or used by someone else. When he found out that it wasn’t, he asked his former boxing coach, who came up with the name, if he could use it. The coach gave him the go-ahead, and The Hurt Business began to use the name on WWE television.

The Hurt Business in WWE

Bobby Lashley as WWE Champion
Bobby Lashley as WWE Champion

The Hurt Business have been quite successful in WWE since they formed last year. They dominated RAW Underground, Bobby Lashley won the United States title, while Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin currently hold the RAW Tag Team titles.

Bobby Lashley recently won the WWE Championship, with The Hurt Business standing beside him through his rise to the top.

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