6 highly controversial decisions that Vince McMahon was right about

Vince McMahon is no stranger to controversy. Being the single most powerful man in all of pro wrestling, his hands have gotten dirty a few more times than he would like to admit. Many a time, it has been his fault and other times, not so much.

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Either way, the context of these situations are required. Since information is so easily accessible via the internet now, many fans have been smartened up to quite a few of the scandals and controversies that WWE has gone through, whether it was Fabulous Moolah, the Steroid Scandal or more.

Being in the public eye a lot, Vince McMahon is obviously subject to a lot of criticism – from both WWE fans and non-WWE fans. However, in this list, we look at the alternate take and state rather unpopularly as to why certain controversial decisions that he made were completely right. Here we go!

#6. The Ultimate Warrior at WrestleMania 12

Triple H was humiliated by The Ultimate Warrior
Triple H was humiliated by The Ultimate Warrior

The Ultimate Warrior returned to WWE for the first time in four years to take on the up-and-coming Hunter Hearst Helmsley, now known popularly as Triple H. In case you’re not aware, here is a gist of what happened – The Ultimate Warrior returned, had a 99-second squash match against Triple H and to add insult to injury, no-sold the pedigree in the worst way possible.

Triple H was undefeated in over a year heading into WrestleMania and the squash match did more damage to his reputation than he expected. It was clearly a case of poor booking by the WWE.

However, here is an alternate take and the reality of the situation – Shawn Michaels vs Bret Hart, which was the main event of the night, did not have much buzz or interest. In fact, it wasn’t even Michaels vs Hart that sold the tickets – it was The Ultimate Warrior.

We agree that the Warrior is controversial and that his run only lasted a few months, but the reality is that WWE needed Warrior financially for WrestleMania 12. He was the biggest draw of the show.

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