5 Wrestling myths WWE invented that make no sense but fans still believe

WWE is the promotion that sets the bar, so when it comes to wrestling rules that don’t make any sense in the current era, it’s because WWE once invented them to help tell a story in the ring at one point.

There was once a rule that WWE stars couldn’t eliminate themselves from Royal Rumble matches, something that has obviously changed in recent years because there have been many self eliminations. There were rules about using the ropes in entrances and even about tag team partners only being able to invade the ring once to help their friends.

There are questions about the fact that punches are illegal in the wrestling ring but Lacey Evans and The Big Show still use them as their finishers, whilst there is a five-count rule in tag team matches that WWE never took any notice of when The Shield wanted to perform a triple powerbomb.

There are many different myths that WWE has created over the years and still tries to push forward on TV but here are just five that make absolutely no sense.

#5. The Figure Four Leglock can be reversed?

Ric Flair made the Figure Four Leg Lock one of the best-known submission moves in wrestling at one point and over the years the likes of The Miz and his daughter Charlotte have adopted the move as their own, even though The Queen has her own bridged variation.

One of the things that WWE pushes is the fact that if you’re locked in the submission then all you have to do is roll over and reverse the pressure. This isn’t the case, as anyone who has been put in the move knows that it hurts just as much on your front or back.

It’s likely that WWE didn’t have a reversal for this move when it became popular and so they made up their own and the WWE Universe have continued to believe it because no other star has ever claimed any different.

The Nature Boy, often known for his over-the-top theatrics, would let out a loud moan accompanied by a panic striken face each time the figure four was reversed, thus amplyfying the effect of the reversal.Nobody sells em like Ric Flair anymore.

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