5 Potential feuds for LA Knight in NXT

NXT just got a lot louder as LA Knight, the man formerly known as Eli Drake, joined the Black and Gold brand during NXT TakeOver: Vengeance Day. He put the entire roster on notice in a quick promo and made his NXT television debut during last week’s show.

In the middle of the ring, he said that he’s the last of a dying breed and that he wasn’t afraid of the likes of Finn Balor, Adam Cole, and Johnny Gargano. Knight also implied he wasn’t looking to go down as a cliché in NXT history.

While it initially seemed like Knight would probably be a heel, it wasn’t 100% clear until his first appearance on Wednesday Night NXT. After his promo was over, Bronson Reed’s music hit, and the two had a staredown. Knight would then interfere in Reed’s match, costing the Colossal One a victory. That is certainly how his NXT career will start, but who else should he cross paths with?

He could feud with Johnny Gargano because he holds a title, but Knight would more realistically feud with a face that was holding the belt.

With several options in mind, let’s take a look at five possible opponents for LA Knight in NXT.

#5 Feud for LA Knight in NXT – Bronson Reed

The Colossal One
The Colossal One

This is clearly the direction for LA Knight’s first feud in NXT. Bronson Reed entered the Capitol Wrestling Center just as Knight was finishing up his promo, but the latter left before any punches were thrown.

Later, Knight came down to interfere at the end of the match between Reed and Cameron Grimes. His distraction cost Reed the match and inevitably set in motion the first feud in NXT for the star formerly known as Eli Drake.

Reed has been in a strange spot since his return. He’ll squash lower-hanging fruit but then lose matches to established stars like Cameron Grimes. Reed did lose because of outside interference, but if he’s heading into a program with Knight, he’ll most likely lose. If he does, it could even lead to a heel turn for Reed in the long run.

Knight needs a few tune-up opponents before an NXT Championship program and Reed is the first on his journey to the top of NXT. Knight should be an NXT Champion at some point in the next year or so, but he’ll have to get by Balor and presumably Kross. Reed will not be an easy obstacle to overcome, but Knight is most likely winning his first feud in NXT.

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