My daughter could have knocked him out at that point: Former WWE star exposes Jeff Hardy’s past troubles

Former WWE Executive Producer Eric Bischoff has opened up about the controversial match between Jeff Hardy and Sting at TNA Victory Road 2011. Bischoff said that Hardy was in such a bad state that a child could have knocked him out.

TNA Victory Road 2011 was one of the lowest points in Jeff Hardy’s personal and professional life as he arrived to the ring inebriated. The Charismatic Enigma was to face Sting for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship in a No Disqualification match, but the former was in no state to wrestle.

While speaking on AdFreeShows, Eric Bischoff said his first thought was for him to go into the ring and knock out Jeff Hardy, as the former WWE Executive producer was a heel in TNA. He said that that his daughter, or a 12-year-old fan, could’ve knocked Hardy out at that point.

“Now Jeff is making his way to the ring…There were two things that were crossing my mind and they were happening simultaneously. My first instinct, because I was a heel, I thought I might, and this is going to sound like tough guy s**t. By the way, my daughter could have knocked out Jeff Hardy at that point. So, this isn’t bad a**, tough guy, bull s**t. I could have gotten a 12-year-old from ringside to go in and punch Jeff in the mouth and he would have dropped like a rock,” said Eric Bischoff. (H/T WrestlingNews)

Bischoff realized that the match had a No Disqualification stipulation attached to it. This meant that the bout would have continued even if the former WWE Executive Producer had attempted to knock The Charismatic Enigma out.

Jeff Hardy on Victory Road 2011

Jeff Hardy at Victory Road
Jeff Hardy at Victory Road

Jeff Hardy stated a few years ago that the incident at Victory Road in 2011 helped him become sober. He said it was an “eye-opener” and the hectic pro wrestling schedule was one of the main reasons behind his addiction.

“Basically, in a way, in a sick way, that was kind of an eye-opener for me to see that and to feel pitiful for myself. 2012 was one of my best years ever, coming back from that tragedy of a story and just, so basically being on the road so much, I got carried away. The addiction got the best of me.”

The Charismatic Enigma is currently part of the RAW roster and was a part of the WWE Championship Elimination Chamber match recently. He continues to be a mainstay on the red brand.

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