Paul Wight reveals WWE legend that he wants in AEW

AEW star Paul Wight recently revealed that he would like to see WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry in AEW.

Mark Henry has been part of WWE since 1996, and is currently a member of WWE’s talent development team. Henry hasn’t wrestled in WWE since 2018 when he took part in the Greatest Royal Rumble in Saudi Arabia.

On Oral Sessions with Renee Paquette, the former WWE presenter asked Paul Wight whom he would like to see in AEW, who would be a great fit. Wight said that he would like to see Mark Henry in AEW.

“Honestly, there’s one guy I miss all the time, but I don’t know if he’s going to wrestle again is Mark Henry. I love him. He’s still got it. Mark would be amazing here because he’s got an eye for finding talent. And that’s the thing about Mark that a lot of people don’t know, because the way his character is done on TV and all that. There’s so much depth to that man. He’s a lot smarter than people know. He knows everyone under the sun and he’s got a Rolodex full of athletes that he’s helped get better, train better, become wrestlers, get into colleges that they want to go to, get tryout for pro teams that they want to go to… He’s just… unbelievable. His heart is so big the way he gives to athletes and helps athletes. For me, personally, I’d love Mark here.”

Paul Wight said that Mark Henry had informed Vince McMahon and Triple H about various athletes who would be a good fit in WWE, and stated that a large chunk of the WWE roster was scouted by Henry.

Mark Henry on Paul Wight joining AEW

Mark Henry and Paul Wight have battled it out in the ring in the past, but behind the curtains, the two are close friends. Henry recently reacted to Wight’s move to AEW and stated that he wants his friend to “get his just due”.

“That’s my brother man, and as close to one I got in wrestling, and I love him, and I’m glad he landed somewhere he feels appreciated, and I hope that we can have him see him, you know, get his just due.”

Henry said that he wants to have another match just to match Big Show’s record of wrestling in four different decades.

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