3 reasons why Jimmy Uso should dethrone Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns turning heel has turned WWE on its head. Smackdown, in particular, has become better with Reigns as its top, “don’t-care-about-anything” attitude, Champion. After struggling for years to be a top Superstar, Reigns finally grabbed that position thanks to his new persona.

Under The Tribal Chief, Smackdown has become the ‘Island of Relevancy.’ But like all good things, Roman Reigns’ title reign will eventually come to an end. There’s no prominent Superstar who can dethrone the Tribal Chief right now. Edge appears like a credible threat, but it’s uncertain whether WWE will allow him to defeat their biggest draw.

While the general opinion would be to have someone like Big E or Cesaro beat the Universal Champion, they might still not be the best choice. But what if Roman was to lose his title to his cousin Jimmy Uso?

Let’s look at three reasons why Jimmy Uso should be the one Superstar to knock Roman off his pedestal.

1. The best storyline choice

The Tribal Chief
The Tribal Chief

Roman Reigns’ character of The Tribal Chief is based on preserving the legacy of the Samoan Dynasty. He considers himself the biggest Samoan Superstar, and takes pride in representing his family. He destroys anybody who doesn’t acknowledge him as the ‘Head of the Table.’

That’s why WWE needs a credible Samoan wrestler to stand up to him. The Rock might not be a great choice as it would be foolish to give him the title at the expense of the Tribal Chief. This leaves Jimmy Uso as the only reliable Samoan option.

It would be a personal rivalry with both Superstars having the intention of being the head of the family. Jimmy can beat Reigns and become the new Tribal Chief. Not only would it help in the continuation of the gimmick; it would also set up Roman Reigns for an eventual face turn.

2. The unexpected challenger

Jimmy Uso on Smackdown
Jimmy Uso on Smackdown

Jimmy Uso has been absent from WWE TV since WrestleMania 36. His recovery is apparently complete and we might see him return soon. While he is expected to join his cousin upon his return, Jimmy can do the unthinkable by turning his back on Reigns.


Jimmy could be the most unexpected challenger for the Universal Champ. He could also brag about finishing the job his brother, Jey Uso, failed at. The story worked well last year during Roman versus Jey. That’s why it is very likely to work with Jimmy Uso too.

3. Jimmy already has a lot of issues with Roman Reigns.

Jimmy Vs Reigns is inevitable
Jimmy Vs Reigns is inevitable

Jimmy Uso was an important part of Roman Reigns’ rivalry with Jey Uso. He made several appearances while supporting Jey, much to the annoyance of the Tribal Chief.

Their issues began last year at Clash of Champions PPV when Roman Reigns forced Jimmy into throwing in the towel to save Jey Uso. Things became even more intense at Hell In a Cell 2020 when Jimmy felt the wrath of his cousin. Roman trapped him in a Guillotine choke, which left Jey no choice but to say, “I Quit!”


WWE should utilize the potential of this mega rivalry. Jimmy could try to make Roman Reigns learn a lesson in respect. He could also free his brother from the dictatorship of the Tribal Chief. This feud will not only take Jimmy’s career to the next level. It’ll also give WWE a new legitimate star.

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