5 Potential matches for Seth Rollins at WWE WrestleMania 37

Seth Rollins recently made his return to WWE programming after a two month absence on paternity leave. “The Messiah” wrapped up his storyline with The Mysterio Family before he left WWE following last year’s Survivor Series event.

WrestleMania is now less than five weeks away. There are currently just two matches officially announced for the show: Roman Reigns will defend the Universal Championship against Royal Rumble winner Edge while fellow Rumble winner Bianca Belair will challenge Sasha Banks for the SmackDown Women’s Championship.

Of course, if Daniel Bryan is victorious next weekend at Fastlane it could be him facing Edge at WrestleMania instead.

Whilst these are the main storylines on SmackDown at present, Rollins has been slotted into the mid-card where he is yet to be given a match for Fastlane.

Rollins has been part of many huge WrestleMania moments over the years and is expected to be part of the show this year too. With that in mind, here are five potential matches for The Messiah.

#5. Seth Rollins vs former WWE Cruiserweight Champion Murphy

Murphy was once saved by Seth Rollins after multiple defeats at the hands of Aleister Black. The former WWE Cruiserweight Champion was taken under The Messiah’s wing and became one of his most loyal disciples. In the end, Murphy was the only disciple left when he turned his back on Rollins in late 2020 in favor of joining the Mysterio family.

Interestingly, WWE seems to have dropped that entire storyline and since Rollins made his return earlier this year, it has appeared Murphy wants to be recruited by The Messiah once again.

Murphy has tried to help Rollins in his current feud with Cesaro but has been unable to gain momentum in his last two matches on SmackDown. At some point, it’s thought that Murphy will get tired of Rollins and once again stand on the opposite side of the ring.

These two men have the ability to steal the show at WrestleMania if the company gives them the chance to go one-on-one once more.

#4. Seth Rollins vs WWE’s Swiss Superman Cesaro

Seth Rollins and Cesaro have made it clear in recent years that outside of the WWE ring, they are the best of friends. On screen, the two have been able to put on some of the best matches in recent memory.

Since Rollins made his return to WWE, he has picked a fight with Cesaro. The beef is due to “The Swiss Superman” not liking the new vision that Rollins has for himself and the company.

The Messiah hasn’t been able to gain much momentum in his feud with Cesaro.This past week on SmackDown, however, he was able to send a message when he attacked Cesaro mid-way through his match with Murphy.

It’s unclear if the two stars are set to collide at Fastlane next weekend or if WWE is saving the match between them for WrestleMania next month. Currently, there is no update on a potential card for WWE Fastlane.

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