How Brock Lesnar reacted when Paul Wight soiled his pants after taking an F5

Paul Wight recently opened up about Brock Lesnar‘s immediate reaction to him soiling his pants after taking an F5.

Paul Wight was a guest on the latest edition of Oral Sessions with Renee Paquette. The brand new AEW recruit shared a ton of tidbits about his pro-wrestling career.

Wight recalled an unfortunate incident he was on the receiving end of, amidst a feud with Brock Lesnar during the latter’s first WWE run.

“In Cape Town, I had some bad food. And this is back when I had the leather pants. You know, thank God, I hit that mat, he [Brock Lesnar] is covering me. He goes, “Did you sh*t?” I said, “Yeah”. He goes, “Ha ha ha ha ha, you sh*t!” You know what I mean?”

And then while I’m laying in the ring, he keeps stepping on my stomach, like he’s trying to get more to come out. So, he had dumped Paul Heyman in the ring too, right. So the thing was, that was the finish and then I would usually get up, throw Paul over my shoulder, and carry Paul out, that was the end of the night for the heels, we were totally humiliated.

This night, I was humiliated. So Pauly is laying there, he goes, “You gonna carry me to the back?” I’m like, “No” “What do you mean you’re not gonna carry me to the back?” “I sh*t myself.” “What?” “I sh*t my pants!” “Oh… okay… are you alright?”

Paul Wight and Brock Lesnar’s WWE rivalry

During Brock Lesnar’s initial WWE stint, Paul Wight was his first feud after he defeated The Undertaker inside Hell In A Cell to retain his WWE title at No Mercy 2002. Lesnar lost the WWE title to Wight at Survivor Series after Heyman turned on The Beast.

Months later, Brock Lesnar defeated Wight in a Stretcher match for the WWE title at Judgment Day 2003. Lesnar would turn heel soon after and align with Wight. He opened up on his relationship with Wight in vivid detail in his book “Death Clutch”.

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