Triple H recently sent a text to a former Nexus member

Former WWE Superstar Justin Gabriel has revealed that WWE EVP Triple H recently sent him a text.

Gabriel made his name as one of the original Nexus members on WWE TV more than a decade ago. The faction was the hottest thing in wrestling back then, for a short period of time. While being interviewed by So Catch by Hal, Gabriel opened up on not handling his WWE departure properly and added that he should’ve talked to a few people before making a hasty decision. He further stated that WWE EVP Triple H sent him a text, but refused to reveal much about the same.

“I just remember going through the emotions. You know just being frustrated with life and, you know, maybe a lot of it was my fault. I could’ve done things a lot different. I probably should’ve spoken to a few people before I made this crazy decision, but I’ve always made crazy decisions, whether it’s in the ring, out of the ring, sky diving. That’s just how I live my life.”

“Life is a video game and I will never change no matter what happens. But yes, we’re good now. He (Triple H) actually sent me a text the other day. I can’t say too much about that but we’re good.”


Triple H and Justin Gabriel are seemingly on good terms

Back when Justin Gabriel made his debut on RAW as part of The Nexus in mid-2010, Triple H was out of action following a feud with Sheamus. At the time, The Game was still an active competitor and hadn’t quite established himself as an on-screen authority figure.

Triple H embraced the role about a year later, during the “Summer of Punk” angle. By that time, The Nexus had become history, but Justin Gabriel had managed to secure a spot for himself on WWE TV. During his stint in WWE, Gabriel won the WWE Tag Team title on three occasions with Heath Slater.

Triple H is actively working as an authority figure now, in a backstage capacity. He has wrestled a total of five matches since 2019, with four of those coming in 2019 itself. The WWE veteran didn’t wrestle in a single match in 2020.

One wonders what message Gabriel received from Triple H, all these years after his WWE exit. Would you like to see him come back to WWE for a brief run somewhere down the line? Sound off in the comments!

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