“It means more to me than it would to a lot of people” – Mustafa Ali on becoming WWE United States Champion

Winning a title means different things to different people. But when it comes to Mustafa Ali and the WWE United States Championship? This one hits a bit different.

Mustafa Ali was recently interviewed by Scott Fishman of TV Insider ahead of his big match against Riddle on WWE RAW. During the interview, Ali was asked what becoming the United States Champion would mean to him.

He revealed that even though he was both born and raised in the United States, there are times where he feels that some people don’t look at him as an American. Ali believes that it would mean more to him than a lot of other people.

“It means more to me than it would to a lot of people. My name is Mustafa Ali. Yes, I’m an American. But I feel people don’t look at me as an American. When I go to the grocery store with my wife she wears a hijab scarf over her head, and I notice the glares she gets. Pre-pandemic when we went out to dinner she would get the same looks. I’m always conscious that it doesn’t feel like home. Why do I feel like a visitor? I was born and raised here. I do love this country and what it can be. Growing up [in Chicago], I didn’t have someone that looked like me that represented as being American. I think it would be wild for a kid named Mohammed or Saʽid or a girl named Sara watching Raw seeing a guy named Mustafa Ali holding the United States Championship.”

Will Mustafa Ali become WWE United States Champion on RAW?

Tomorrow night, Mustafa Ali has the opportunity to bring WWE gold to RETRIBUTION for the first time since the group arrived in the company last summer.

While many in the WWE Universe believe the group is already beyond saving, a big title win could be just what the faction needs to get back on the right track in 2021.

While fans have no clue what tomorrow night’s outcome will be, one thing is for certain. If WWE gives this match time, Riddle and Ali can absolutely steal the show.

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