Former WWE writer lashes out at the lack of logic on RAW (Exclusive)

Vince Russo called out the lack of logic in how WWE RAW has been booked following tonight’s episode.

RAW kicked off with WWE Champion Bobby Lashley and MVP in the ring as the duo celebrated the dawn of the All Mighty Era. They were soon interrupted by former champion The Miz, who wanted another shot at the WWE Championship. Drew McIntyre also came out and called out Lashley and MVP.

Lashley then attacked McIntyre while he was addressing The Miz, laying him out. As Lashley made his way up the ramp, he was blindsided by Sheamus.

On Sportskeeda Wrestling’s Legion of RAW, former WWE writer Vince Russo called out the lack of logic in the booking. Russo pointed out how Sheamus only attacked Lashley after the champion was done with Drew McIntyre. Yet, the Irishman’s claims that he wants Drew to be 100% at Fastlane. Russo said that logically, if this was the case, Sheamus should have attacked Lashley while he was having a go at Drew McIntyre:

This has to be the fifth week that Miz has been in the ring for the opening segment, cutting the same exact cliche-ish promo, word for word. Its almost like the clock starts and ‘lets eat time.’ My point is bro, so we have Lashley attack Drew in the ring, so the attack goes on, he’s done with the attack and then Sheamus attacks Lashley on the ramp. Sheamus then explains ‘I want Drew 100% on Sunday at Fastlane’. Ok, so why didn’t you attack Lashley while he was beating up Drew? Are we the only ones seeing this? You’re going to wait till he beats up Drew, then you’re going to attack him.

You know what the bad thing is? Not the fact that there’s no logic. They don’t care that there’s no logic. They don’t care.


Drew McIntyre faced The Miz on RAW


Drew McIntyre and The Miz faced off in singles action on RAW in a short match that was won by the Scottish Warrior, despite John Morrison’s interference from ringside.

Drew McIntyre is set to face his old friend Sheamus at WWE Fastlane this Sunday night.

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