WWE RAW Superstar follows in The Rock’s footsteps by starring in “Walking Tall” reboot

Will another WWE Superstar be heading to Hollywood soon?

If you enjoyed The Rock‘s remake of “Walking Tall” back in 2004, well, you’re in luck. It appears WWE Studios and the USA Network are about to reboot the movie yet again, with Charlotte Flair in the starring role.

According to a report from Deadline Hollywood, Flair, who has previously acted for the USA Network in “Psych: The Movie” in 2017, will star in the “Walking Tall” reboot in the form of a two-hour made for TV movie.

Deadline Hollywood describes Charlotte Flair’s role as the following:

“[Charlotte Flair] will play a Tucson cop who finds herself caught in a web of fraud, exploitation and murder, and is forced to go full vigilante to protect her home town from falling victim to modern corruption.”

WWE’s Charlotte Flair to star in a “Walking Tall” reboot for the USA Network

This is the third time that the “Walking Tall” franchise has been rebooted. Each of the previous iterations have seen forms of sequels and television series attached to them.

With any luck, Charlotte Flair could find herself a new role that would allow her to get more Hollywood acting gigs in the future, much like The Rock did almost 20 years ago.

There is currently no announced date for when the film will begin production, but it would certainly seem that filming would require Charlotte Flair to miss some significant WWE TV time.

 With any luck, Becky Lynch will be back on WWE programming by the time production begins. She could take Flair’s spot in the WWE RAW women’s division without missing a beat.

What do you think of Charlotte Flair following in The Rock’s footsteps? Will you be checking the reboot out? Let us know by sounding off in the comments section below.

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