“I really hope it happens” – Former Universal Champion wants a match with Edge

Edge is undoubtedly one of the greatest WWE wrestlers of all time. During his illustrious career, The Ultimate Opportunist has cemented his position as one of the top stars in the business. Naturally, many wrestlers want to face him in a match, and Kevin Owens recently threw his hat into the ring.

Since his return to WWE, Edge has made it clear that he wants to wrestle opponents he hasn’t faced before. Now that he’s back as an active competitor, WWE can feature several dream matches between Edge and the company’s top stars.

On the most recent episode of WWE’s The Bump, Kevin Owens revealed his wish to face Edge inside the squared circle.

“The look in [Edge’s] eyes when he realized that whole thing back, it was so great. And then the possibilities were back that, ‘Oh man, maybe we’ll get to do this now’, and then Randy attacked him, Edge got injured, the whole rollercoaster that’s happened in the last year for him. I gotta say, I wondered if he would even come back from this injury because who knows? But I’m glad to see he did, and of course, a possibility of a match with Edge, now that it’s back on the table, is something really appealing and I really hope it happens. I just hope I’m in the ring with him in any way shape or form. I’d be happy to be his tag team partner once. I’d love to wrestle him.”

Kevin Owens and Edge both are on the SmackDown roster at the moment, so a match between the two could happen at some point in the future. Likewise, Owens’ prominence as a main event player could lead to a clash between the two Canadian stars.

Kevin Owens also revealed his reaction to Edge’s retirement from WWE in 2011

Edge announced that he had to retire from wrestling in 2011 on an episode of RAW
Edge announced that he had to retire from wrestling in 2011 on an episode of RAW

Due to a neck injury, Edge had to retire from WWE in 2011 at the age of 37. His untimely retirement was a sad moment for wrestling fans all across the globe. During his appearance on The Bump, Owens shared his thoughts on the moment Edge announced his retirement.

“I was watching from home when Edge announced his retirement, and I always loved Edge as a performer, I always thought he was fantastic, and obviously being Canadian, there’s another layer to it for Canadian wrestlers, as far as Edge goes….So when Edge announced his retirement way too early, that was really hard to watch for everyone, and you know, myself, just like everybody else. and then what I said in Winnipeg to Randy was that it felt like a possibility of something great was robbed from us.”

Now that Edge is back, there are hundred of opportunites for Edge to capitalize upon including a match with Kevin Owens.

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