“Sorry Bill, you and I aren’t close friends”- Former WWE personality says Goldberg is still wrestling just for the money

Goldberg has been involved in several high-profile matches since his 2016 in-ring return. Throughout his latest in-ring run, the 54-year-old veteran has unsurprisingly attracted a fair share of criticism from the wrestling community.

During an interview on ‘Insight with Chris Van Vliet,’ Eric Bischoff was asked about his honest thoughts on Goldberg continuing to wrestle in 2021. The former Executive Director of SmackDown bluntly stated that Goldberg is still in the wrestling business for the money only.

Eric Bischoff said that he and Goldberg weren’t close friends, but still shared a friendly relationship. While Bischoff didn’t mean to offend the former WCW Champion and apologized in advance for his comments:

“Goldberg is doing it for the money. This is not love for the business, or I want to get out there and perform. In my opinion, sorry Bill, you and I aren’t close friends, but we are friends. If what I’m saying offends you, Bill, I apologize because I don’t mean it to, but c’mon.”

“He’s smart”- Eric Bischoff feels there is nothing wrong in Goldberg’s approach to wrestling

Eric Bischoff explained that Goldberg made smart business decisions and was in no way being disrespectful to the former Universal Champion. Bischoff claimed that if he were in Goldberg’s shoes, he would have also accepted the opportunity to make seven figures for a five-minute match:

“Do you think he’s doing it for fun, or do you think he’s doing it for the money? He’s smart. That’s not a bad thing. That’s what I’m saying. I’m not putting him down. If I had the ability at Bill’s age and look the way Bill did and somebody said, ‘Hey, I’ll stroke you a seven-figure check to come in and work for five minutes,’ c’mon. Let’s be honest with ourselves and not bust anybody’s b*lls over it. Every one of us would do it. We dream about that opportunity.” H/t WrestlingNews.co


Goldberg has not wrestled since losing to Drew McIntyre at the Royal Rumble, but fans can expect to see him perform in a few more matches in the WWE. Goldberg’s WWE contract runs through 2023, and he is scheduled to wrestle twice a year.

Do you agree with Eric Bishoff’s opinion regarding the motivations that are driving Goldberg to wrestle?

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