Drew McIntyre reveals if he took a shot at AEW in RAW promo

Drew McIntyre recently opened up on whether or not his WWE RAW promo was a shot at All Elite Wrestling.

On this week’s edition of WWE RAW, Drew McIntyre cut a scathing promo on MVP and Bobby Lashley, and many fans were quite sure that he took a dig at AEW while doing so. Here are the comments that McIntyre made on RAW:

“I noticed that MVP made some guarantees tonight. That’s such a dangerous thing to do in this industry. If you make a guarantee and don’t deliver, fans get upset and sparks fly.”

This led to fans believing that Drew McIntyre was taking a shot at the underwhelming explosion that occurred at AEW Revolution, following Kenny Omega’s world title win over Jon Moxley. The explosion was heavily criticized by professional wrestling fans on social media, with Tony Khan later stating that Kenny Omega’s “master plan” was a dud.

While speaking with Alfred Konuwa of Forbes, McIntyre made it clear that he didn’t take a shot at AEW during his RAW promo. The former WWE Champion realized that fans would take it that way only when he arrived backstage.

“I went out there, I said that, and I [heard] ‘sparks fly’ come out my mouth. I didn’t think twice about it, I just rolled right through it, I said my whole interview and watched the match ringside—which was an awesome match—and I came back, and somebody came up to me and said ‘I saw what you did there.’ ‘What did I do?’ And then they played it out to me and I went ‘oh, yeah, that could be taken that way.”

Drew McIntyre also said that he doesn’t like companies taking shots at each other and that it isn’t good for business.

“Maybe subconsciously I made a joke…I don’t like that shot back-and-forth stuff, I don’t see the point, it’s not good for business.”

There are a bunch of wrestlers in AEW who occasionally take shots at WWE, and vice versa. Drew McIntyre’s fans would be glad to learn that he isn’t one of them

Drew McIntyre seems ready to face Bobby Lashley at WrestleMania 37

Drew McIntyre didn’t mince his words while bashing MVP and Bobby Lashley on WWE RAW. He even went as far as to call Lashley a “Big, bald bi**h.”

McIntyre is looking to exact revenge after what Lashley did to him at Elimination Chamber 2021. At the event, Lashley’s brutal attack on McIntyre led to The Miz successfully cashing in the MITB briefcase to win the WWE title. However, The Miz did not hold on to his WWE Championship for long, as Lashley defeated him on RAW to become the new titleholder.

Drew McIntyre will face Sheamus at WWE Fastlane, but the former’s WrestleMania clash against Bobby Lashley has already been made official.

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