“Delete that now” – Vince McMahon’s reaction when former WWE Superstar took picture of him sleeping

Chris Jericho has revealed that Vince McMahon did not see the funny side when he took a picture of the WWE Chairman sleeping.

On the latest episode of Talk Is Jericho, Paul Wight (f.k.a. The Big Show) and Jericho shared stories about their time working for WWE. They discussed interesting quirks about McMahon, including the fact that the 75-year-old does not like it when people can see him sleep.

Jericho said he once took a picture of his former boss during a WWE trip overseas. When he showed the image to McMahon, the response was less than favorable:

“He hates it when people see him sleeping. I took a picture of him sleeping on one of those trips and I showed him, and I said, ‘You actually do sleep.’ He didn’t laugh, he didn’t smile. He said, ‘Delete that now.’ I was like, ‘Okay, crazy man.’ He didn’t find it funny.”

Wight laughed and said he remembers when Jericho took the picture of McMahon sleeping. He also mentioned that “that same insanity” is what has helped WWE’s top decision-maker become such a successful businessman.

Vince McMahon’s relationship with Paul Wight

Paul Wight worked for Vince McMahon for two decades
Paul Wight worked for Vince McMahon for two decades

Paul Wight told Chris Jericho that Vince McMahon called him to wish him well after he signed a deal with rival company AEW in February 2021.

The former WWE Superstar also revealed that he could tell something had changed in his relationship with McMahon over the last year. The WWE Chairman used to call Wight by his former WWE nickname, Show, but began referring to him as Paul last year.

Wight clarified that he is still on good terms with McMahon. He added that he is not bitter about how things work

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