WWE Fastlane 2021: 3 things that shouldn’t happen at the PPV and 2 things that should – Roman Reigns’ WrestleMania moment on the line, 3-time world champion to return?

We are all set for the upcoming pay-per-view, WWE Fastlane 2021. This will be the final stop before WrestleMania 37, and the event looks exciting on paper. A few important title matches await us that can have a huge influence on the WrestleMania card. Moreover, a sinister entity can also make a much-anticipated return at Fastlane.

In this article, we will take a look at three things that shouldn’t happen at WWE Fastlane and two things that should.

#1 Shouldn’t happen at WWE Fastlane: Roman Reigns loses his Universal Championship

Roman Reigns will not take any chances at the upcoming PPV
Roman Reigns will not take any chances at the upcoming PPV

At WWE Fastlane, Roman Reigns is scheduled to face Daniel Bryan with the Universal Championship on the line. The two Superstars previously met in a title match at Elimination Chamber. Bryan defeated five other SmackDown Superstars inside the Elimination Chamber and faced Reigns for the Universal Championship immediately afterward.

While Reigns successfully defended his title, Bryan believed that the champion had an unfair advantage. As a result, Bryan demanded a rematch against Reigns. He had to beat Jey Uso in a Steel Cage match to win his title opportunity at WWE Fastlane. This match will also feature a special guest enforcer, and Edge will face Jey Uso in a match on SmackDown this week to bag that role.

It is one of the most exciting matches scheduled for WWE Fastlane. Reigns has a considerable match lined up for him at WrestleMania, where he could face Edge. His recent run as a heel has made him quite deserving of a big match at The Grandest Stage of Them All. Meanwhile, this could be the last WrestleMania for Daniel Bryan as a full-timer in WWE.

Reigns has finally found his real self, and he is one of the most interesting characters in the pro wrestling business today. With the crowd set to return for WrestleMania 37, the creative would want to see the fans’ take on Reigns without any filter. Moreover, Reigns’ loss at WWE Fastlane will jeopardize the much-awaited Spear vs. Spear match in what could be the last WrestleMania for Edge as well.

Reigns has relied on cheap shots and interferences to retain his title ever since he turned heel. The special enforcer during his match could play an important role at WWE Fastlane. Allowing Edge to take that role will add more fuel to Edge and Reigns’ ongoing feud.

#1 Should happen at WWE Fastlane: Return of The Fiend

Randy Orton showed no mercy to the Fiend in their previous encounter
Randy Orton showed no mercy to the Fiend in their previous encounter

Randy Orton and Alexa Bliss are set to face each other in an intergender match at WWE Fastlane. This match is the perfect opportunity to set up ‘The Fiend’ Bray Wyatt’s return, who has been away from television for three months now. The Fiend last appeared at TLC 2020 in December.

He faced Randy Orton in a Firefly Inferno match that ended with The Viper setting his opponent on fire. Since then, Alexa Bliss has been torturing Randy Orton on WWE RAW. From distracting Orton in important matches to making him bleed during promos, Bliss has done it all. A frustrated Orton now wants his revenge against Bliss at WWE Fastlane.

Orton and The Fiend are expected to engage in a match at WrestleMania next month. We have seen Bliss summon The Fiend on the Red brand, but they only teased the shadows of a tall figure. The creative must ensure that Orton is booked strongly at WWE Fastlane, especially if The Fiend is planning a surprise for his nemesis.

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