“He will be the Universal Champion” – Jim Ross makes a confident prediction about 35-year-old WWE Superstar

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross answered many questions during the ‘Ask JR Anything’ edition of the Grilling JR podcast on AdFreeShows.com.

Conrad Thompson brought up the recent WWE 24 episode on Big E and a story about how Jim Ross was indirectly responsible for the former New Day member’s WWE signing. Ross wasn’t aware of the story, and Thompson did what an ideal host does by filling in JR with all the relevant details.

Jim Ross came across a wrestling coach on an airplane, and JR handed him his business card. Ross was employed by WWE back then, and he was constantly on the lookout for new talent. JR told the person to keep him in the loop if he ever found an athlete who could be an asset for WWE.

The wrestling coach would end up using the contact to get Big E a WWE tryout, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Conrad Thompson: “You bumped into a wrestling coach on an airplane, saw he was wearing some swag and handed him your business card, and said something along the lines of, ‘Hey, if you ever run across somebody who you think can be a good fit for our business, give me a call.’ And they did call, and it wound up being a call for Big E, and now, of course, he is having tremendous success. But, had you not been wearing your hat on that airplane decked out in your Oklahoma colors, maybe that would not happen.”

Jim Ross recalled Big E’s days as a Defensive Lineman for the Iowa Hawkeyes. JR was in touch with a few people from Iowa, and the former WWE announcer admitted that Big E was an excellent signing for WWE.

JR: “You never know. Right place, right time. Big E was playing defensive line at Iowa, and you know, I had a lot of interactions with some of the folks in Iowa due to the wrestling museum there. The Dan Gable Museum and the annual get-together they did every summer, which is one of the most fun events that I ever attended. Gerry Brisco and I always had a blast there with other wrestling people, National Wrestling Hall of Fame, and I’m in their Hall of Fame, which is kind of cool. Yeah, I do remember it now. I’ll go out of my way to try and check that out, but, you know, Big E was a good get.”

He is a really good guy: Jim Ross put over WWE’s Big E in a huge way



Jim Ross said that Big E ticked all the boxes needed to be an ideal WWE Superstar. JR added that he was very happy for Big E and the AEW personality even made an assured prediction about the 35-year-old SmackDown Superstar.

Ross was confident that Big E would win the Universal or WWE Championship sooner rather than later in his career.

JR: “And when you met him, and you know this was a done deal. Look at him. He is one of those who passes the Vince McMahon eye test. He can’t walk to baggage claim without anybody noticing him. I’m happy for him. He is a really good guy, Big E is a really good guy, and I like for really good guys to get their break and then realize they got a break and now run with the son of a b****. He will be the Universal Champion or WWE Champion sooner than later in his career. No doubt in my mind.”

Big E is currently the Intercontinental Champion in WWE, and the general belief is that the company is just grooming him for a future world title push.

Will JR’s prediction come true? If yes, when do you see Big E finally becoming a WWE World Champion? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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