Paul Wight reveals original plans with Randy Orton that he rejected

AEW star Paul Wight has opened up about WWE’s original plans for him and Randy Orton on RAW Legends Night. Wight said that WWE wanted Orton to put the former’s face through a chair, which the current AEW star rejected.

Paul Wight, fka The Big Show, was in a mini-feud with Randy Orton last year, which was brought back for this year’s RAW Legends Night show in January. Orton confronted The Big Show backstage at the show, but the two never came to blows.

In his recent appearance on Chris Jericho’s Talk is Jericho podcast, Paul Wight revealed why he was not happy about the segment with Randy Orton and the original plans WWE had for that segment.

“So, they wanted Randy Orton to pie-face me into a chair, which basically pushed me in the face and knocked me down and then I’m supposed to just sit there in the chair and take it, and I’m like, ‘Well, he’s not going to shove me on my ass’ no disrespect to Randy but Randy knows he couldn’t do it if I didn’t want him to, you know? So, to do something quarterly, yeah Randy can put his hand on my chest, and I’ll sit down because I’m not going to fight Randy because he’s trying to get in my head. You can always do that story even though it’s the wrong story to tell with me.” (H/T WrestleZone)


Paul Wight said that a giant like him should have retaliated when Orton put his hands on him and “knocked him the hell out in the hallway”.

Paul Wight’s last matches in WWE

Paul Wight’s last appearance on WWE television was on RAW Legends Night in January, as his contract with the company expired soon after.

His last match in WWE came in 2020 when he faced Randy Orton in an unsanctioned match on RAW. Wight also faced Drew McIntyre for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 36 a few months earlier.

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