“He told it to my face and this means so much to me” – Randy Orton on his backstage interaction with Drew McIntyre

Randy Orton opened up about a conversation he had with Drew McIntyre backstage on WWE RAW after the Scot won back the WWE Championship. McIntyre thanked Orton for what he did for him in the ring and told Orton that nobody else had done more for him in the pro wrestling business.

On the Broken Skull Sessions show with Stone Cold Steve Austin, Randy Orton spoke about how he wants to give back to pro wrestling by helping young stars.

Orton narrated an incident that happened backstage between him and Drew McIntyre after The Scottish Warrior won back the WWE Championship.

“After he won the title back from me, looking at me in Gorilla – I don’t think anyone else was around and he told it to my face, and this means so much to me, ‘You did more for me than anybody in this business, with what you did for me in that ring tonight.’ And all it was, was selling, and believing in him and letting him do his thing – and getting that feedback from somebody like that, who, I believe, loves and respects this business, and deserves those tidbits of information that I’m able to help him with, or in the ring – it makes me feel good. Now here I am and I’m in this position, I can help these younger guys and I’m having fun with it, Steve, like I really am.”

Randy Orton stated he wants to give back to the business, like how The Undertaker, Ric Flair, and Triple H helped him at the start of his career. He said he was helped throughout his career and now wants to establish younger stars in the business currently.

Randy Orton on not wanting to face Drew McIntyre

In the same interview, Randy Orton also spoke about how he had no desire initially to face Drew McIntyre. He revealed that as he got to know more about McIntyre, he changed his mind about the Scotsman.

“Originally, I had no interest in being there with him. We got closer and closer and closer and closer and he grew on me. And we had like three or four pay-per-view matches and I slowly learned more about this guy.”

Randy Orton beat Drew McIntyre at last year’s Hell in a Cell pay-per-view to win the WWE Championship but lost it to The Scottish Psychopath a few weeks later on RAW.

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