“I had no interest in being there with him” – Randy Orton reveals he didn’t want to face two-time WWE Champion

Randy Orton recently revealed that he did not have any interest in facing Drew McIntyre in WWE.

Orton and McIntyre feuded in 2020 and early 2021, with the two fighting for the WWE Championship over this period.

On Broken Skull Sessions, Stone Cold Steve Austin asked Randy Orton about his rivalry with Drew McIntyre. Orton stated that he did not want to get in the ring with McIntyre, but that changed over time.

“Originally, I had no interest in being there with him. We got closer and closer and closer and closer and he grew on me. And we had like three or four pay-per-view matches and I slowly learned more about this guy. I did watch y’all sit down when it came out and like, I felt that, I felt that. I got to know him to the point where I know he’s got heart and I know he loves this business and I know that this business has given me everything I have and he feels the same way. And here we are, let’s do what we can to elevate each other and to make what we love as great as we can.”

Randy Orton said it took a while to get where they wanted, but they eventually got there. Orton stated that McIntyre is “good” in his books.

Randy Orton vs. Drew McIntyre in WWE

Randy Orton and Drew McIntyre had a few singles and tag team matches during the latter’s first run in WWE, but they did not have a long-term storyline.

That changed in 2020 as the two Superstars fought for the WWE Championship, which McIntyre had won from Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 36. The title changed hands at the Hell in a Cell PPV last year when Orton defeated McIntyre, but the Scottish Psychopath won it back a few weeks later on RAW.

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